Last chance: Understanding, writing and maintaining organisational policies webinar

The development and maintenance of organisational policies is a critical element of service delivery across the community services sector.

These documents maintain a quality standard, ensure compliance with relevant legislation, and guide practice across an organisation.

While policies are critical to the functioning of an organisation, many organisations without a dedicated quality or compliance role struggle to either establish the policies they require, or to maintain policies. Ideal for small and medium organisations, this workshop will establish an understanding of policy, while considering practical ways to write and maintain organisational policies.

At this free webinar hosted by QCOSS on Wednesday, 13 July, hosts will examine what elements make up policy, how policy differs from procedure, and look at some examples of organisational policy templates you may be able to use in your own workplace.

When: Wednesday, 13 July from 10:00am to 11:00am

Price: Free

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