Join Lived Experience Advisory Groups on mental health

The Mental Health Lived Experience Peak Queensland (MHLEPQ) was established in July 2021 with funding from the Department of Health, Queensland and is working in an auspice arrangement with the Queensland Mental Health Commission (Commission) until the organisation is fully operational.

It is currently recruiting for two Lived Experience Advisory Groups (LEAG). LEAGs are responsible for advising the organisation on a defined project or topic.

LEAGs consist of between 4 and 7 members and are remunerated according to the MHLEPQs paid participation policy. The two groups currently being recruited include:

    1. Appointments – This LEAG is a standing group established for the purpose of advising the MHLEPQ on the appointment process.  It is seeking consumers with experience in recruitment, and a good and broad knowledge of the sector. Find out more.
    2. Queensland Equity Framework – The second LEAG is established for the purpose of putting a response together for a Queensland Government project to establish an Equity Framework. The LEAG members will be interviewed by researchers of University of Queensland to inform elements of the framework. Find out more.

Find out more about the MHLEPQ.