Information on NDIS Personalised Budgets

The NDIA has released new papers on Personalised Budgets to give more information on the way it proposes to build participant budgets in the future.

The Personalised Budgets papers give you more information on how the Agency is developing the new budget model and how it proposes budgets will be built.

New participant journey maps explaining the proposed planning process for participants have also been released. These maps can be found on the NDIS website.

The Agency is still designing and testing Personalised Budgets, and is listening to feedback from the community throughout the process.

There are three versions of the Personalised Budgets paper available for increased accessibility. They include:

  1. Personalised Budgets – technical information paper
  2. Personalised Budgets – information paper for participants, their families and carers
  3. Easy Read Guide – A new way to work out how much funding you receive in your NDIS plan

Read the personalised budget papers on the NDIS website.