Human rights: Experiences of racism due to the Voice referendum

This year, Australians will be asked to vote in a referendum to approve a constitutionally-enshrined Voice to Parliament for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The referendum will call upon Australians to register a yes or no vote, and it is important that the public discussion leading up to the ballot is underpinned by respect, is accurately informed, and does not involve or encourage harmful vilification.

If you experience racism or harassment as a result of the national debate over the Voice, you can tell the Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC) about it through both informal and formal processes. The Commission will use your information to better understand and communicate the impact of the debate on First Nations peoples in Queensland.

To make an informal complaint, report racism here. To consider making a formal complaint, take a look at the QHRC’s “Making a complaint” resource.

The Healing Foundation’s website has a list of community self-care resources for First Nations people experiencing the negative impacts of the Voice debate, including links to support services.