Housing and homelessness: Support with Human Rights issues

For homelessness and housing services, you now have a tool to support clients to advocate for their human rights where they may be limited – a direct complaints process. Queensland is the only Australian state that has this. It also means your organisation must be able to demonstrate compliance with the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld) when making decisions that respect and uphold a person’s human rights.

To assist you with the application of the Act, QCOSS, in partnership with the Department of Housing, have developed a program to build your understanding of the Act, increase your confidence to work compatibly with the Act and support our sectors to use the Act for person-centred service delivery.

If you work in the sector and would like to discuss how the Act applies to your work, please complete this form to receive a ​free support call from one of our QCOSS human rights specialists.

QCOSS is also delivering a range of engagement activities to support the housing and homelessness sector to act compatibly with the Act and increase human rights literacy. Visit the Human Rights, Housing and Homelessness portal to find out more about the project, access resources or join the human rights conversation.