Help to Home now open to all Queensland property owners

The Help to Home initiative was launched in October 2021 as part of the $1.813 billion Queensland Housing Investment Growth Initiative (QHIGI).

The program will deliver additional housing outcomes for people eligible for social housing. Through Help to Home, the Queensland Government will source properties from the private market and sub-lease them to registered community housing providers to deliver specialist tenancy and property management services.

This allows tenants to access safe, stable accommodation while a longer-term housing solution is identified.

It is seeking newly-built or existing vacant properties, including stand-alone houses, single apartments, multi-unit complexes and properties new to the private rental market like short-stay or holiday homes or properties previously used as hotels, motels or for student accommodation.

Investors can benefit from:

  • a 2-year lease
  • 3 months’ rent in advance, paid each quarter
  • The property returned in the condition it was received, minus fair wear and tear and damage that the lessor can claim on insurance or is otherwise required to repair.

This arrangement is subject to the lease terms. Learn more and submit your property for consideration at the Help to Home website.