General advice for people seeking legal assistance after the flood disaster

Queensland residents impacted by flooding can take action to protect their legal rights. Legal Aid Queensland and community legal centres can help with crisis legal needs and are also around for problems that have emerged during the flood recovery phase.

Actions flood victims can take now to protect their legal rights include:

  • Take photos and lodge an insurance claim, even if your insurer says you are not covered for flood
  • Talk to your lender or bank, local council, telephone, internet and utility companies to ask for financial hardship help
  • If you are a tenant, contact your real estate agent or housing provider to let them know you have been affected
  • Ask the Department of Human Services if you are eligible for any government assistance
  • If your capacity to work has been impacted, talk to your employer
  • Get legal advice if your parenting and personal relationships have become unsafe or complicated.

If you or someone you care for is unsure about legal rights, has been given confusing information, refused help or treated unfairly, contact Legal Aid Queensland on 1300 527 700. Further information about Community Legal Centres can be found here or by calling 07 3392 0092.