Gambling Harm Awareness Week 2022

Gambling Harm Awareness Week 2022 is on now (from 18 July) until 24 July.

The annual event, which was previously known as Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, has been renamed to highlight that safer gambling in Queensland is not just the responsibility of the individual gambler. This shift is part of the Queensland Government’s shared Gambling Harm Minimisation Plan for Queensland 2021-25 which is a shared commitment from government, the gambling industry and the community sector.

This year’s theme, ‘Let’s talk about gambling’, encourages people to start a conversation about what constitutes safe and unsafe gambling and creates awareness of the help resources available.

Gambling Harm Awareness Week is a reminder to look out for warning signs and to regularly interact with people in your community. By interacting early and frequently, you can more easily identify who may be at increased risk of harm and create opportunities to start a conversation about gambling.

If gambling is an issue for the people your organisation works with, consider reaching out to your local Gambling Help service and create a partnership to support people who may be struggling with their gambling. You can also get involved in any Gambling Harm Awareness Week activities your local service may be running.

If you are hosting an event or activity, or even just promoting Gambling Harm Awareness Week, some downloadable resources are available. You can also follow the OLGR on Facebook to follow important messages, including real-life stories from its ‘When gambling took over…’ campaign.