Free Seminar: Financial Disclosures within the Not-for-profit Sector

Disclosures in non-profit financial reporting are an important part of ensuring transparency, sound governance and ongoing support.

This free webinar, presented by the Australian Nonprofit Accounting Standards Research Program, focuses on the disclosure needs of donors and the information actually provided by charities.

Event details:

Friday 25 June 2021
3pm – 4pm AEST 
Online via Zoom

Please register here to get the Zoom link.

Guest speaker:

Dr Ushi Ghoorah: is an academic researcher at Western Sydney University who specialises in the financial disclosures, governance and accountability of not-for-profit organisations (NFPs). Her recent research projects focus on financial disclosures practices, public perceptions of these disclosures, and determinants of financial disclosures within the Australian NFP sector. She is a key member of the Australian Nonprofit Accounting Standards Research Team.

If you have any specific questions for Dr Ushi Ghoorah, please email David Gilchrist in advance on: [email protected]

The Australian Nonprofit Accounting Standards Research Program: This research and engagement program is supported by the Institute of Community Directors and is being undertaken by a group of Australian universities led by the Not-for-profits UWA Research Team at the University of Western Australia. It is focused on supporting the development of proportionate, relevant, efficient and effective accounting standards for nonprofit and charitable organisations.