Free ‘hidden’ domestic violence app now available

One of the biggest challenges with protecting a domestic violence survivor through a Domestic Violence Order (DVO) is the lack of historical evidence of previous harassment or violence. The survivor is often closely monitored and is unable to safely keep records of violence on paper or on their mobile device, for fear of it being found and further escalating the violence.

DV Safe Phone has developed a free app for that is available on the Apple and Android app stores as a “Menstrual Cycle Calculator”.

Once downloaded, the app functions as a menstrual cycle calculator until you press your finger in the blank space under the dates, then an error message is displayed (just in case the press is accidental). One more press and it launches into a full domestic violence incident application, which emails every event to a pre-set email address of your choice.

It is totally free for your clients to download and use. Search the Apple or Google app store for “Menstrual Cycle Calculator”.