Free Flu Jab for Every Queenslander

Queensland Government media release

The Queensland Government has announced that all Queenslanders will be offered a free flu vaccination, amid a spike in influenza cases across the state.

Free influenza vaccinations will be available from 22 July to 31 August at GPs and pharmacies across Queensland.

The Queensland Government will cover the cost, which is estimated to cost between $5 – 10 million, for providing the vaccination to all Queenslanders, many of whom do not fall within the federally funded national immunisation program.

Influenza cases this year have reached more than 51,426 cases, compared to last year where 44,438 cases were record for the entire year.

Influenza B is causing severe disease in some children. Since 1 July, 78 children aged 6 months to four years old were hospitalised with flu – 50 with the B strain, and only 1 of these children were vaccinated.

The Health Minister met with professional pharmacy and medical bodies to ensure all bodies could work together to help roll out the free program.

There are no changes for people already eligible under the National Immunisation program. People eligible under the National Immunisation Program should continue to access influenza vaccine from their usual vaccination providers.

Anyone who has their vaccination booked before Saturday will also receive it for free. For more information visit Queensland Health.