Flexibility with HSQF auditing and self-assessments

The Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF) team is supporting a flexible approach wherever possible for organisations due to complete quality assessment activities and that are impacted by weather events. This is in line with the flexible arrangements implemented in response to COVID impacts.

For organisations under HSQF audit/certification

The approach developed in response to COVID impacts is being extended to cover weather events. For example, if an organisation has licensed care services and/or any changes that will impact a HSQF certification expiry or due date, the certification body must get approval from HSQF team before changing to a remote audit or rescheduling the audit to another date. These requests are treated as top priority.

If neither of those factors apply, certification bodies together with organisations can make necessary changes, with certification bodies notifying the HSQF team after the new arrangements are agreed. Changes are to be noted in audit reports.

  • For organisations under self-assessment – extensions to due dates, as long as deemed reasonable, will be approved.
  • For organisations demonstrating compliance through other accreditation – extensions to submission of other accreditation/due dates, as long as deemed reasonable, will be approved.

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