Finding the correct complaints body to assist you

If you have a complaint about an agency or a business and are dissatisfied with the outcome, you could ask for an independent, impartial review of the matter.

Making sure you are speaking to the correct complaints body will help you resolve the matter faster.

The Queensland Ombudsman is who you contact if the matter relates to an action or decision by state government departments, local councils or public universities in Queensland.

But what if the matter is about something else?

There are a number of different complaint handling bodies throughout Australia and each specialises in different topics or geographical areas. Choosing the right one depends on what the matter is about.

For example:

The Queensland Ombudsman has developed a poster resource: Who do I complain to? It lists external complaint handling bodies to help people find the right place to make their complaint.

See the website for information, including a detailed list of other complaint-handling organisations.