Ensuring the annual rent increase frequency limit is effective

Earlier this year, laws were passed to bring Queensland into line with New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and the ACT by limiting rent increases to once per year to assist in stabilising rents.

However, reports have emerged of some landlords and agents ending leases with tenants in order to increase rents more frequently than once per year.

A new discussion paper considers a proposal to ensure the intent of the laws are not circumvented, and that renters aren’t unfairly penalised by behaviour aimed at avoiding limits to rent increases.

Following feedback on the discussion paper, options will be finalised and brought before Government later this year with a view to implement any changes as part of its Stage 2 rental law reforms. 

Consultation on the discussion paper closes 5:00pm on Friday, 11 August. To view the discussion paper and provide feedback, click here