DFV Rent Assist Brokerage grants program

Queensland’s domestic and family violence (DFV) support providers can now apply for grants from the new $2.5m DFV Rent Assist Brokerage scheme to assist victim-survivors with housing issues.

Up to $50,000 will be available to each successful support provider under the scheme.

The scheme will help specialist DFV services across the state to assist victim-survivors to either secure or maintain housing, with applications for funding to be lodged by 4:00pm on 16 November 2023.

The funds could be used to provide assistance with costs such as rental arrears, where a debt presents an imminent risk of homelessness, rental debts from a previous tenancy that would inhibit a private rental market application, rental assistance or the cost of repairs to damage to a rental property caused by DFV.

In addition, service providers have flexibility in the way they distribute monies which can also be tailored to a client’s needs, including purchasing food or even white goods.

DFV Rent Assist Brokerage funds will be utilised in conjunction with other housing products available to assist victim-survivors to access or maintain housing in the private rental market.

For more information and to lodge an application, see the DJAG web page: here.