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Griffith University is conducting a survey study about the impacts of, and responses to, the COVID-19 pandemic in homelessness services in Australia.

It is seeking people who are currently employed as managers, directors or administrators (or equivalent) in homelessness services to complete a brief survey on the impacts and responses of their organisation to COVID-19.

The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete, and will ask about:

  • Your organisation and your role within it
  • Your perceptions of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on your organisation
  • Your opinions of what has been done, and could be done, to respond to COVID-19 in the homelessness services sector

Responses will be reported anonymously.┬áThe study’s findings may assist homelessness services in their planning and preparedness activities for COVID-19 and future emergencies. The findings may also help to inform the support provided to services during the COVID-19 recovery.

Visit the Griffith website to complete the survey.