Course: Understanding the Queensland planning system and building support for affordable housing

Q Shelter is offering an exciting training opportunity to assist people involved in the community and affordable housing and homelessness services sector, and those with an interest in the increase of affordable housing supply to understand the Queensland planning system.

This training will unpack the Queensland planning system over three sessions in August / September including:

  1. Demystifying the Queensland planning system
  2. Providing information relevant to dealing with property portfolios
  3. Strategies to assist engagement with local government officers and Councillors
  4. Providing information relevant to advocating to local and state government on housing matters.

The training is suitable for community housing providers, board members, community development officers, and community and special interest groups that would like to see more affordable housing. It will be relevant to all areas of Queensland, not just the south-east corner.

Individual sessions are $50 for members or $65 for non-members. You can purchase all three sessions for a package price of $120 as a member, or $160 as a non-member.

To find out more or register visit the QShelter website.

If cost is a barrier to participation, please contact QShelter at 07 3831 5900.