Cost-of-living relief from concealed water leaks

Queensland Government media release

The Queensland Government is stepping in with relief for homeowners affected by concealed leaks.

Concealed leaks are underground or hidden leaks on a property which can cost people up-to tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected water bills and present real financial hardship to many residents.

The Queensland Government’s South East Queensland Bulk Water Concealed Leak Remission Scheme and debt relief will help people affected by a high water bill from a concealed leak.

This policy provides financial relief on the excess state bulk water charge of 100% for eligible pensioners and 70% for all other customers. This financial relief is on top of the existing remissions schemes administered by the 5 South East Queensland water service providers.

The Queensland Government recognises that there are households currently financially impacted by a concealed leak. A once-off remission will be offered to eligible households who are currently financially impacted in-line with the policy.

In most cases people are not aware of a concealed leak until receiving a high water bill. As, concealed leaks occur after the water meter, homeowners are responsible for the cost of the water and repairs.

This cost-of-living measure recognises that concealed leaks are by their very nature hard to identify, and that people do not intend to waste water.

Homeowners are still encouraged to regularly check their meters for evidence of potential concealed leaks on their properties.

Homeowners affected by concealed leaks should contact their water service provider. Details on the scheme will be published on each provider’s website shortly.

Currently, all five southeast Queensland water service providers – Urban Utilities, Unitywater, Redland City Council, Logan City Council, City of Gold Coast – have remission policies that provide relief on the service provider charges, but only some provide limited relief on the state bulk water charge.

Information on the scheme is available on the DRDMW website.