Competition: Public housing tenants’ gardening and creativity recognised in Home Awards

Queensland Government media release

The 2022 My Home Awards for public housing tenants in Queensland are now open.

Minister for Communities and Housing Leeanne Enoch said the awards were a chance for public housing tenants to be recognised for their efforts in gardening, arts, culture, volunteering and community connections.

“Many thousands of public housing tenants across our state work hard to improve their homes and make their communities better places to live every day,” Minister Enoch said.

“They understand the importance of creating warm and welcoming homes for themselves and their families.

“We want to recognise the efforts of those everyday Queenslanders who show pride in their homes and make a positive contribution to their communities.”

The 2022 My Home Awards is open to tenants of all ages, including children.

Minister Enoch said there are prizes across nine different award categories that allow people to embrace their creative sides and community spirit.

“Tenants are invited to enter their garden or tell their story about home, community or celebrating culture.

“There are six garden categorieshouse garden, balcony garden, courtyard garden, edible garden, communal garden, and children’s garden.

“Everyone is welcome to enter, whether you are experienced or new to gardening.

“As well as gardening, you can use a creative medium such as a story or poem to convey what your home means to you.”

The Connections category, introduced last year, focuses on celebrating connections to home, community and culture.

“This could be ways you volunteer, support your neighbours, celebrate cultural events or other ways you connect,” Ms Enoch said.

Toowoomba public housing tenant Alan won a My Home Award in 2021 for his thriving garden containing a wide variety of vegetables.

“My mother was a vegetable gardening expert and I think I’ve inherited her love for growing vegetables.

“She would have a 12-month supply of potatoes which came in handy because she had eleven mouths to feed.”

Alan spends most of his time in the garden, nurturing his vegetables, some of which are quite unusual.

“I had a New Guinea bean growing at one stage. They grow very long if you leave them.

“My neighbour saw it and was surprised at the size. He thought it looked like a baseball bat,” Alan laughed.

Alan finds gardening very enjoyable and relaxing.

“I feel like I’m doing something useful and productive with my time.

“I find all my plants do better too if I talk to them nicely,” Alan smiled.

There are multiple prizes for each category, including vouchers and hampers for first prize, runner up and for highly commended.

Connections category prize winners will receive hampers with items sourced from Queensland Indigenous businesses.

Tenants can enter online, by post or at their nearest Housing Service Centre. Entries close on Monday, 26 September 2022.

For more information or to enter online visit www.qld.gov.au/tenantconnect.