Change to Worker Portal registration requirements for Disability Worker Screening check

Nationally consistent worker screening for the National Disability Insurance Scheme successfully commenced in Queensland on 1 February 2021. Part of the changes included new online identity checks for workers.

Before applying for a disability worker screening check online, workers need to register for the Worker Portal. This includes an online identity check through the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), which is identical to the Blue Card process. The photo held by TMR for the worker must be valid for at least another 5 years and 3 months, otherwise the worker will need to get the photo updated before a disability worker screening clearance is issued. There is no cost for workers to get the photo updated.

Some feedback from the sector has indicated that applicants may be missing the system notifications (‘pop-ups’) that advise when a photo requires updating, meaning applicants have been unaware of the requirement, which has delayed the processing of their application.

As a result of sector feedback the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors are making improvements to the system to ensure applicants are aware of the need to update their TMR photo (when required).

From 12 March 2021, if a worker needs to have their photo updated, they will be more clearly advised through the Worker Portal registration process. A worker will not be able to progress past the registration process to the application phase for a disability worker screening clearance prior to their photo being updated. This means that once an application is made there will be no delays to the application process due to TMR photo requirements.

An updated identity verification process fact sheet to reflect these changes is now available on the resources page of the worker screening website.

Further information about disability worker screening in Queensland can be found on the Worker Screening Website.