Capturing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences in the workplace

Diversity Council Australia (DCA), along with the Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), recently launched a nationwide survey to find out the truths about Indigenous Australians’ employment experiences in Australia.

All Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander Australian workers are invited to participate in this research. The Gari Yala (which means ‘speak the truth’ in Wiradjuri) survey aims to be a voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers, capturing the state of play when it comes to workplace cultural safety, inclusion and exclusion, or racism.

DCA’s research tells it that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples still experience among the highest rates of workplace exclusion of any group in Australian workplaces, and it is seeking to understand how workplaces can better address these issues.

Your insights will help to make Australian workplaces culturally safe, inclusive places for our First Nations people.

Click here to take the survey.