Blue Card: New renewal periods for exemption card holders

Since the implementation of the No Card, No Start laws, all new exemption cards have been issued with the card holder’s photo and an expiry date. This means both blue and exemption cards now have a three year validity period unless cancelled or suspended earlier.

Existing exemption card holders at the time of the change to blue card legislation were automatically provided an expiry date of 31 August 2023. If you are a registered teacher or Queensland Police Officer with a pre-No Card, No Start exemption card, you have until this date to renew your existing card before it automatically expires.

All exemption card holders must now renew their card every three years. It’s easy to renew using the Blue Card Services online applicant portal, or the paper form.

If you need help, watch this short video on how-to apply for an exemption card or visit the Blue Card Services website to learn more about renewals.