Blue card applications and consent to discuss

Did you know that a blue card applicant or card holder can nominate another person to have a yarn with Blue Card Services about their application?

They can do this by using the consent to discuss information form. The authorised person can then discuss the blue card application or card status on their behalf.

This form can also help when the applicant does not have access to a telephone or internet service and might need help contacting Blue Card Services.

The applicant or card holder can nominate anyone they choose, although we do recommend that the person nominated is not their employer for this purpose. We would recommend nominating someone the applicant or card holder trusts, who is independent to the employer and happy to support and assist them.

Who to choose as a nominated contact person and how much of their information they want shared is completely up to the blue card applicant or holder.

For more information and resources on Blue Card, visit the website.