Be cool this summer – using air conditioning without breaking the bank

While every household is different, generally one of the three appliances that uses the most electricity is air conditioning. But you can still keep cool, save energy and money.

  • Set your air-conditioner between 24C and 26C. Every degree below this adds 10 per cent to your cooling costs.
  • Use ceiling or pedestal fans where possible.
  • Only cool the rooms that are being used and keep doors and windows closed.
  • Close curtains and shade windows during the day to prevent heat from entering your home.
  • Open windows at night to let air circulate and cool the house.

You may also be eligible for Queensland Government energy concessions for instance, if your air conditioning use is linked to a medical condition. To find out more about concessions visit this website.

For more energy saving tips visit our Energy and Water resources section where you can find fact sheets on how to read your water bills, on-demand webinars and more.