Applying for a blue card as a young person

Do you have under 15’s that need to apply for a blue card? We have a solution for young people who have been unable to apply online due to photo requirements.

Blue Card Services work with the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to verify a person’s identity and obtain the photo for their blue card.

If a child had their photo taken with TMR, when under the age of 15, they should:

  • Register their TMR product online;
  • switch to a paper application form and note their online account number on the front page; and
  • ignore the proof of identity requirement that requests a certified copy of ID (because they have registered online).

So while an under 15 year old cannot apply online, they can use our online services to register for an online account that verifies their identity. This means there is no need to attach certified documents with their application.

Remember, persons under the age of 18 will not need a blue card unless they are completing a student placement, engaged in paid employment or applying as a job-seeker.