Analysing human rights in the housing and homelessness space

QCOSS is delivering a range of engagement activities to support the housing and homelessness sector to act compatibly with the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld) and increase human rights literacy across the sector.

Working through case studies is one of the most useful ways to unpack how the Act can be used to make decisions, and QCOSS’ human rights experts will be working through a new case each month on partner platform The Deck.

Each month a new case study will be examined discussing any human rights impacts, with space to practice working through the consideration framework in each of the housing and homelessness related scenarios.

If you work in the housing and homelessness space, visit The Deck and join the conversation. To find out more about the Human Rights, Housing and Homelessness project or access one-on-one support, visit the QCOSS website.