A new plan for Queensland’s communities

The Queensland Government has launched the Communities 2032 Strategy and Action Plan 2022 – 2025 – a long-term, whole-of-government plan to build the communities that will support all Queenslanders to live their best lives.

Communities 2032 sets out a positive and inclusive vision for Queensland. It will drive action over the next ten years to support our communities to be their best, and to support all of us to connect, participate, contribute and thrive.

The Strategy and Action Plan supports the Queensland Government’s continued commitment to fund and deliver essential frontline services and provide enhanced support options for vulnerable people, including those experiencing social isolation and loneliness.

Communities 2032 provides a unifying framework for government agencies, local partners, councils and communities to work together to achieve these aims and strengthen the fabric of our communities.

This is a plan for all Queenslanders, shaped by our shared values and the ways we care for each other in our diverse communities. When we are better connected, we are empowered to reach our potential and benefit from greater prosperity and wellbeing, and opportunities for the future.

The Strategy and Action Plan will:

  • take meaningful action to address the impacts of social isolation and loneliness and drive social inclusion and participation
  • provide unprecedented funding to further support the significant role that neighbourhood and community centres play in supporting local communities
  • support the Queensland Government’s First Nations reform agenda to reframe the relationship between non-Indigenous and First Nations Queenslanders and enable a shared pathway forward through respect, truth-telling and healing
  • allow opportunities to amplify and honour the stories of all Queenslanders through art, culture, language, history and expression
  • better support the community and social services sector so it can continue to deliver the vital services Queenslanders need
  • support enhanced liveability, mobility, and accessibility of community spaces through planning, policies and frameworks, public and social infrastructure and better access to public spaces
  • prioritise investment and activities that promote safety in our homes and on our streets
  • encourage stronger and more resilient communities with support programs, partnerships and creative and community-led approaches.

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