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The Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld) came into effect on 1 January 2020 and requires the consideration of an individual’s human rights in the delivery of government services. This includes public services delivered by non-government providers.

QCOSS partnered with the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy (DCHDE) and the housing and homelessness sector during 2021 to build understanding of the Act, increase confidence to work compatibly with the Act, and support the sector to use the Act for person-centred service delivery.

Informed by the work of the project, we’ve compiled this suite of handy resources to help you incorporate the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld) into your policies, procedures and everyday service delivery.

The Human Rights Act

Webinar Clip: General overview of the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld)

A look at Queensland legislation, and a brief history and overview of similar legislation across Australia.

Testimonial Video: Our Human Rights Journey

QCOSS Human Rights Champions share their lessons and insights from implementing the Queensland Human Rights Act.

Workbook: The Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld)

This learning resource for public entities steps you through important elements of the Act.

Poster: The 23 Protected Human Rights

A quick guide to your rights protected under legislation in Queensland.

Blog: How to embed a culture of human rights

The ingredients you need to embed human rights in your service delivery.

Proper Consideration of Human Rights

Video: Giving proper consideration to human rights

A four-step process you can follow when considering human rights, featuring Queensland Human Rights Commissioner, Scott McDougall.

Guide: Proper Consideration

Understand the important elements of giving proper consideration to human rights.

Case Study Library

A collection of real scenarios showcasing human rights considerations.

Blog: Three common pitfalls when considering human rights

Common mistakes people make when they give proper consideration to human rights.

Blog: Embedding human rights considerations into your file notes

Five simple tips to help you capture your human rights considerations in housing matters.

Tools: Proper consideration resources

These worksheets guide you through the possible human rights impacts of your decision making.

Human Rights Complaints

Video: The human rights complaints process

Queensland Human Rights Commissioner Scott McDougall discusses Queensland's complaints processes.

Webinar Clip: The benefits and challenges of complaints processes

Examining the elements of a human rights-aligned complaints process in Queensland.

Guide: Developing a human rights-based complaints process

A step-by-step guide walking you through some important elements to consider when developing compliant processes.

Poster: Making a human rights-based complaint

You can prepare to make a human rights complaint in five quick steps outlined in this resource.

Human Rights Governance

Guide: Human rights in governance

Embed human rights into the governance and operation of your community service.

Blog: Essential tips for writing human rights-based policies

How to write polices in a way that puts human rights at the heart of service delivery.

Advocacy and Social Inclusion

Guide: Advocacy and Community Participation

Learn how you can engage in every day, non-legal advocacy using human rights.

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