QLD Office for Women

The Queensland government Departmnet of Communities, Child Safety and Disability, Office for Women has developed a Gender analysis toolkit.

Gender analysis is a set of processes used to assess and deepen understanding about:

  • the differences in the lives of women and men;
  • their participation in social and economic life;
  • the differential impacts on their lives of policies, programs and services.

The aim of gender analysis is to redress inequalities and inequities.

Gender analysis is a practical tool that can be applied to any policy or program. It provides a framework that can be used in any organisation to identify how a policy or program may impact on men and women.

Gender analysis assists with the development of actions to ensure that both women and men benefit from an activity, event or policy. It is broad enough to capture large scale impacts, and sensitive enough to pick up on how particular community members, such as single mothers or older women, may be affected.

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