Australian Energy Regulator

Energy Made Easy is an Australian Government website maintained by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

The aim of the website is to help residential and small business energy consumers to navigate the electricity and gas markets to find a suitable energy offer.

The website allows you to understand and compare your residential electricity usage against other similar households living in your area and learn about energy related topics such as energy efficiency, contracts, bills, your rights and obligations and the energy market.

Energy Made Easy makes it easy to compare offers by showing all offers in your area, estimating an annual bill for each offer and letting you compare up to three offers at the same time.

The AER has also developed two new short videos to encourage consumers to be engaged with their energy service and to raise awareness of the help available for customers experiencing payment difficulties.

1.      Could you be doing more to pay less on your energy bills? raises awareness of how consumers can manage and reduce their energy costs, for example by budgeting to avoid bill shock, being energy efficient and shopping around for a cheaper offer. 

2.      Are you having difficulty paying your energy bill?  encourages consumers to contact their retailer early if they’re experiencing trouble paying their bill. It is about reassuring customers that they are not alone and that help from their retailer is available; for example through an extension, payment plan or hardship program.

Visit the Energy Made Easy website.

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