QCOSS has held a number of webinars on various topics related to the Cost of Living. You can watch a recording of the webinars or download a copy of the presentations.

Energy literacy webinar

This webinar covers everything you need to know about energy bills including how to read a bill, what the charges are, what support is available and what to do if you experience financial difficulty.

You can watch the webinar recording online (Flash player required), or you can download the presentation from the webinar.

Shopping around for a better energy deal

Energy customers in South East Queensland have a choice between different energy retailers and plans. QCOSS held this webinar on 23 August 2016 to share some tips and tricks on reading your bill and finding the right offer that suits you or your clients. This webinar also explains the changes that have come into effect with the deregulation of standing offer prices in South East Queensland and what it means for you.

You can watch a recording of the webinar or download a copy of the presentation. You can also view a demonstration of how to use the Energy Made Easy website to compare offers.

For more tips on choosing or changing electricity retailers watch this video on StudioQ.

Energy Concessions webinar

In April 2017, we held a webinar on the changes to Energy Concessions and the Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme (HEEAS). This webinar included information about eligibility criteria and application processes, and tips for getting access to the scheme.

You can watch the webinar recording online (Flash player required) or download the presentation.

Good Shepherd Microfinance webinar

In April 2017, we held a webinar with Good Shepherd Microfinance on their financial programs and advisory services for people on low incomes. This included information on the Good Money stories in Cairns and Southport , and programs such as the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS), StepUp Loans and Essentials by AAI which offers contents and car insurance cover to people who might not have the money for mainstream insurance.

Click here to watch the webinar or view the presentation slides.

​State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) Webinar

As part of our Cost of Living webinar series, in December 2017 we held a webinar with the SPER Stakeholder Management team on Changes to State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER). You can view the webinar here

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