Community-based services, known as Family and Child Connect, were rolled out across Queensland, in 2015 as part of the Supporting Families Changing Futures reforms to Queensland’s child protection system.

These services support families who are at risk of entering or re-entering the child protection system to get them back on track, before their problems escalate.

Families in need of support will be able to contact Family and Child Connect for assistance. Where professionals such as teachers, health workers and police and members of the community have concerns about a child’s wellbeing, they will be able to refer the family to Family and Child Connect for information, advice, and engagement instead of Child Safety.     

The following videos help explain these changes and how the new Family and Child Connect services will operate. Further information and resources are available on the Supporting Families Changing Futures website.

Child Protection Act 1999 (updated in December 2017)
An introduction to the Child Protection Act 1999, its principles and key definitions.

Mandatory reporting (updated in December 2017)
An overview of the legislative framework for reporting child protection concerns in Queensland, including mandatory reporting obligations.

About Family and Child Connect (updated in December 2017)
An overview of Family and Child Connect and an introduction to how the service will operate. 

Information sharing (updated in December 2017)
An introduction to information sharing provisions under the Child Protection Act 1999 that enable entities to share information to ensure children are protected and families are supported. 

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