Orientation is the process of introducing the new volunteer to the organisation making them feel welcomed and comfortable. It is conducted after recruitment and selection have taken place, and prior to the volunteer commencing their role with the organisation.

Orientation can be done formally or informally; with a group or individually.

Regardless of how you choose to involve people in orientation, the following areas are key questions that volunteers will need answered:


Orientation to the cause introduces new volunteer/s to the organisation’s mission, core business and programs. It may include: mission and vision, ideals, aims, strategic plan, program history, and more broadly, the field or sector.


Orientation to the system provides an overview of the structure and management of the organisation. It may include channels of communication and reporting (what they are and how they work), guidelines and policies, structure, funding sources, and rules where applicable.


Orientation to the people introduces the new volunteer to the staff (paid and unpaid) with whom they will be working. This may include introduction to staff, management, board members, and other volunteers as well as discussion of the relationships and reporting arrangements, both direct and indirect.


Orientation to the work looks at the scope and boundaries of volunteer work including roles, modes of work and job descriptions.


Orientation to the workplace provides information on the work areas, the amenities, where key staff or machinery are situated and an orientation to workplace health and safety elements including fire exits and equipment.

Following selection and orientation of volunteers, training ensures volunteers have the skills, knowledge and understanding of the organisation to fulfil their volunteer role with competence and confidence.

Training may be one-to-one or group based, formalised or informal, and facilitated from within the organisation or externally to the organisation. Topics covered by skills training are as diverse as the roles and the work in which volunteers now become involved.

Working together

Orientation to the culture provides information about the culture of the organisation, such as appropriate forms of dress, behaviour, language, social interaction, or where to have lunch.

Not-for-profit Law have developed an e-learning module covering the legal obligations involved in the process of recruiting volunteers. It includes interactive activites, instructional videos and realistic scenarios to help you recruit volunteers fairly and safely, while maintaining a high quality...
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Volunteering Queensland offers accredited training for volunteer managers with a Certificate IV in Coordination of volunteer programs. The qualification is appropriate for workers who are responsible for the coordination of volunteers within a program or organisation. Volunteer coordinators provide...
The 2018 Queensland Volunteering Awards are now open for nominations. These awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of volunteers, volunteer managers and volunteer-involving organisations, and promote the importance of volunteering. This year alone 980,000 individual...
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Volunteering Queensland’s State Volunteering Conference will take place on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 June, in Brisbane. The conference will offer attendees strategies and good practices to maximise the contribution of volunteers and enhance the impact of a volunteer program. There will be the...


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A Blue Card Services online learning portal has been launched. The portal contains 10 videos which provide an overview of the legal requirement for organisations to develop a child and youth risk management strategy. View these resources on the Blue Card Services website .
Industrial relations legislation in Queensland can be found on the Fair Work Commission's website . The main pieces of legislation are: Fair Work Act 2009 Fair Work Regulations 2009 Fair Work Commission Rules 2013
There are a range of legal structures which may be suitable for Queensland not-for-profit community groups. The four main options are: an incorporated association: Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (QLD) and Associations Incorporation Regulation 1999 (QLD) a company limited by guarantee:...

December is the perfect month to do some good by helping those most in need over the festive season.

Countless families are struggling at Christmastime and the pressure on them is often more challenging than any other time of year.

By sparing your time as a volunteer you could ease...

Joel Ainscough, Queensland University of Technology

In the midst of a changing work environment there are some factors that employers in non-profit organisations may need to consider.

Provided here are some human resource management tips for consideration in the modern Australian workforce.

Work-life balance

The term “Work-...

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