Designing and implementing a Monitoring and Evaluation System for a program or an organisation is becoming an increasingly important task required to support the assessment of agreed results and to aid organisational learning for program improvement. 

This workshop draws on the text book ‘Developing Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks’ authored by Anne Markiewicz and Ian Patrick. It presents a clear and staged conceptual model for the systematic development and implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system. The workshop has been developed with four separate, but inter-related components, with one presented each day:

  • Day One (13 May) provides an introduction to the principles of designing and implementing a participatory monitoring and evaluation system based on program theory and program logic
  • Day Two (4 May) identifies how to plan for monitoring and evaluation functions
  • Day Three (15 May) focuses on data collection and analysis processes
  • Day Four (16 May) covers learning and reporting for program improvement and decision-making.

The four-day intensive training program is structured in such a way that participants can enrol in all four days, thereby providing a comprehensive guide. Alternatively participants can enrol in any one or more of the training days depending on their prior experience, needs and orientation. Each day will be structured as a stand-alone event in terms of content.

Location - Brisbane CBD
Registrations close -  Monday 6 May 2019
Fees (GST inclusive) - For all 4 workshops: Members $1,650, Non-members $2,270. For day workshops: Members $440, Non-members $605 (per day)

To find out more about the workshop or register, please visit the Australian Evaluation Society website.

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