Meeting from above

Good Foundations recently conducted a survey to start a discussion around the question, "What makes a not-for-profit well-run?".

The objective of the research was to clarify how the sector defines and measures whether or not a not-for-profit organisation is well-run. 

The results of the survey were quite clear - the two key aspects that organisations need to focus on to be ‘well-run’ above all else are:

  • Being crystal clear on your purpose, vision and direction
  • Having great people, with a particular focus on great leadership.

The perception across the respondents was that there is more work to do to be a ‘well-run’ sector, with just 36% of those surveyed being able to agree with the statement “the majority of Australian not-for-profts are ‘well-run’.” 

Download 'The foundations of a well-run not-for-profit'.

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