Each year, more than 500 young people leave the Queensland child protection system to live independently. Help and support for these young people often comes from family, carers and community members, as well as government and non-government service providers. However, a number of young people make this transition without the support of a family network.

The Child Protection Act (1999) under the Charter of Rights, states that young people are entitled to receive appropriate help with their transition from care to independence. This includes help with housing, access to income support, training and education.

Transition to Independence Month (T2I Month) is held from 1 to 30 November each year to focus on how young people are supported to make the journey from the child protection system to independence and to achieve positive life outcomes.

A young person's journey from care to independence requires a collaborative approach from everyone supporting them. This is a critical life phase when young people need to be encouraged to aspire and reach their goals.

Transition to Independence Month is coordinated by G-Force, a sector-wide working party of the Child Protection Partnership Forum made up of government and non-government organisa­tions including:

  • Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services
  • CREATE Foundation
  • Foster Care Queensland
  • PeakCare
  • Queensland Family and Child Commission.

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