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The Share our pride website is designed to give non-Indigenous people a glimpse into the lives and cultures of Australia’s First People.

It was developed by Reconcilitation Australia in response to a request from industry for an introductory site for employees. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from across the country have provided input and feedback on the content. Every effort has been made to capture the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures but to also keep the content simple and introductory.

Face-to-face training with an experienced Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness provider and/or cultural immersion within your specific community can be life changing. This site is not a substitute for these deeper experiences; rather it is a starting point for your journey. It’s designed so that you can go through the chapters in one sitting or dip in and out when you have time or if you’re looking for information on a particular issue. 

Visit the Share our pride website.

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