The PeakSmart air conditioning program is expanding to regional Queensland which means a household or small business will receive a cash reward of up to $400 if they purchase a peak smart air conditioner.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said “Regional Queenslanders will now have the option to help manage peak demand and receive up to $400 by installing a PeakSmart air-conditioner.”

“Not only is this an innovative program that assists Energy Queensland with managing peak demand, it also provides households with additional cash that can make their electricity bill more affordable.

“Expanding the PeakSmart program to include regional Queensland households is part of the Summer Preparedness Plan that focusses on ensuring Queensland’s power system security and reliability.”

Energy Minister Mark Bailey said customers choosing to be PeakSmart won’t have their air-conditioners switched off during load management events, but they will run at a lower level similar to economy mode.

“It does not shut off your air conditioner. Your PeakSmart air conditioner will keep running in economy mode,” he said.

“Currently, there are over 70,000 PeakSmart air‑conditioners installed in South East Queensland.

“There are also about 60,000 air conditioners that are PeakSmart compatible in regional Queensland - an addition of a signal receiver will allow these air conditioners to be PeakSmart.

“It is expected an average of 1500 additional customers (each month) could join the program which will help manage the increasing demand on the network through the summer months.

“It is important to remember these peak demand events may occur only a few times a year.

“It is simply a win-win – households and businesses get a highly efficient air conditioner that is, lower operating costs, and our networks can better manage high demand.

“The other key message is to set your home air conditioner between 24 and 25 degrees for it to run efficiently. Every degree lower could cost you up to 10 per cent of your running costs.”

To find out more visit the Ergon Energy website.

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