Australia’s 600,000 charities and not-for-profits, from international aid groups right down to the local tennis club, are about to get a major boost, as Justice Connect’s Not-for-profit Law service this week launches the acclaimed Information Hub for a national audience.

The Hub is a free, online one-stop shop answering charities’ legal questions from how to start-up to how to wind-up, and has been operating in Victoria and NSW for eighteen months, already helping over 100,000 people with their legal questions.

The new national Hub now has 210 practical and detailed resources covering laws for charities and not-for-profits in every state and territory.

“For rural and regional charities and other not-for-profits, access to legal services is particularly difficult and expensive. Nationally, a quarter of all charities are rural or regional, but outside of Victoria and NSW, this number rises to 47 per cent. This underscores the need for a free online service such as the Information Hub to be nationally available,” said Sue Woodward, Director of National Projects with Not-for-profit Law.

“Charity law is notoriously difficult, even for lawyers, let alone ordinary Australians just trying to help their local communities,” Ms Woodward said.

The 2014 Australian Charities Report found that around 30 per cent of registered charities are “micro” in size, with annual revenue of less than $50,000. These charities are largely reliant on volunteers and therefore may have limited or no access to professional advice.

The Information Hub can be found at

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