The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience has developed two national publications on disaster resilience.

Public Information and Warnings Handbook

This authoritative national guide for those who provide warnings before, during and after emergencies. The handbook outlines evidence-based, nationally agreed principles and provides guidance on developing and issuing warnings.

Supporting resources include:

  • guideline for warning message construction and warnings republishers
  • a slide-deck to support tailored implementation
  • an A4 ready-reference poster outlining key national warnings principles and Australia's Total Warning System.

Safe and Health Crowded Places Handbook

This authoritative guide for groups organising events, managing venues, enacting health and safety protocols and related activities. This handbook had the input of many health professionals and includes a dedicated chapter on public health.

Supporting resources include:

  • guidelines on public health, first aid and medical services
  • sample templates.

Find out more on the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience website.

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