Dear colleagues

Last week I informed departmental staff about the latest phase in our transition to the new Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women, including decisions I’ve made about structure, regions and Executive Leadership Team.

As important partners in our work I am very pleased to share a brief overview of the changes.

During the past few months we have been working intensely on the creation of our new agency. Throughout this process a central focus has been placed on what results we want to achieve for vulnerable children, young people and families. The task has been to determine how best we can organise our strategy, delivery and corporate arrangements to achieve those results, given the capacities and capabilities we have available to us.

We are moving to a structure that will enable us to deliver more holistic approaches to the complex and interrelated needs of our clients and communities. The structure will enable us to bring ‘like’ functions together to strengthen capacity and flexibility; and continue to give effect to our statutory and systems responsibilities. (View structure here)

The new structure is made up of the following directorates:

  • Corporate Services
  • Information, Innovation and Recovery
  • Strategy
  • Service Delivery (incorporating child safety, youth justice and community services, including direct services and contract management).                    

The department will move from seven regions to five regions, led by Regional Executive Directors. Acknowledging the unique challenges experienced in the north of our State, the Northern Queensland Region will be co-led by two Regional Executive Directors. (View regions here).

The regions are as follows:

  • Northern Queensland (incorporating Far North and North Queensland regions);
  • Central Queensland (incorporating Gympie and Mackay areas);
  • Moreton (incorporating Brisbane and North Coast regions);
  • South West (incorporating South Burnett);
  • South East (remains the same).

Please see the attached leadership structure plus regional distribution of Child Safety Service Centres and Youth Justice Service Centres.

Changes to our central office structure came into effect on Tuesday 3 April. For our regional teams the new arrangements will come into effect on Monday 30 April. The transition for Youth Justice will happen progressively between these dates.

Various leadership roles will be progressively recruited in coming weeks and months, starting with the Deputy Director-General, Service Delivery / Chief Operations Officer, for which advertising commenced last weekend.

I’m especially pleased to advise that our priority organisational focus – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander over-representation, and cultural capability – has been directly addressed through the establishment of a permanent Indigenous Strategy and Partnerships team to be headed by a Senior Executive.

Our new structural arrangements are just one part of this transformation.  As we know, our strategic purpose, relationships and culture are just as, if not more, important. In parallel with finalising detailed reporting arrangements, we will commence the vital work to engage staff and stakeholders in a new strategic plan in line with our changed responsibilities and Government priorities. 

Ensuring strong connections and partnerships across Queensland will continue to be a focus for the new department. To assist this work Regional Executive Directors and Regional Directors will be engaging locally with your agencies, other non-Government organisations, foster carers and other stakeholders regarding the department’s evolution; and DDGs and Executive Directors will do so at a strategy level.

Another key priority is to implement, as soon as possible, new governance and engagement arrangements, including with external stakeholders.  

There is tremendous energy, passion and commitment – from all parts of our agency and our stakeholders – to deliver exceptional services to the people of Queensland. This remains unchanged.  I am excited and confident to build on and strengthen this.

I look forward to working with you to continue to make a positive difference in the lives of Queenslanders.  I would appreciate you sharing this information with your networks.

Warm regards

Michael Hogan | Director-General

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