Moved by the need to create change, the Brisbane tech and business community are hosting a Homelessness Hackathon.

A weekend-long hackathon with the tech, social, design and business communities aimed at solving issues identified by people experiencing homelessness.

Whether you work in the housing/homelessness sector, are a hipster, hacker or hustler, this is your opportunity to apply your creative thinking, social, design, business or tech skills to solve pressing social problems.

Marist 180 together with partners Orange Sky Laundry, Common Ground QLD, River City Labs, Urban Informatics at QUT Design Lab, and The Incus Group, and funded by the Department of Housing’s Dignity First Fund have designed this hackathon to work towards alleviating issues faced by people experiencing homelessness in our community.

Why you should come to the hackathon

• Gain an understanding of homelessness issues in your city;

• Have the opportunity to disrupt these issues with your ideas and skills;

• Be challenged to think critically as you build something new and helpful;

• Learn new skills, have fun, be inspired by creative, collaborative and caring people like yourself with a facilitated process;

• Work with people from diverse innovative sectors, and bring back learnings to your team and clients;

• The entire weekend is fully catered and there’s a huge Sunday night celebratory wrap-up!

A hackathon is an event where people from across sectors come together to collaborate on projects and design innovative solutions.

The Homelessness Hackathon will be held at Common Ground Queensland on June 2-4.

Watch the video for more information.

Register here.

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