Foster carers come from all walks of life. But no matter who they are, foster carers all have one thing in common — they have a place in their hearts for a child who needs love and understanding.

One couple who have opened their hearts and their home to some of Queensland’s most vulnerable children are Dylan and Natalie, who have been foster carers since they were just 18 years old.

“We are a ‘for now’ home,” says Dylan. “We realise that and we just love them as much as we can while we’ve got them.

“We hope that any child who comes into our home feels safe and feels loved and feels as though they have a place within our family.”

“I hope that any child that leaves our care will know how much we loved them,” says Natalie.

Because Dylan is of Indigenous heritage, the couple have had a number of children identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander placed in their care.

“It’s really important that children with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds who come into care have a culturally-appropriate placement,” Dylan said.

Foster care is just part of Dylan and Natalie’s life now and they strongly believe other people should open themselves up to the idea of providing foster care.

“It’s the hardest but it’s also the most rewarding thing we’ve ever done,” says Dylan.

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