Queensland Government media release

The Queensland Government has pledged to listen to young people and actively involve them more in government business, according to a new Youth Engagement Charter released on Monday.

Minister for Youth Di Farmer said the Charter, the first ever whole of government commitment to youth engagement, was shaped by significant input from young Queenslanders, numerous sector and government stakeholders as well as the newly formed Queensland Youth Engagement Panel.

“Our Youth Engagement Charter starts with a commitment from government to consult with and listen to young people,” she said.

“More than that, it’s also a commitment to actively engage with young people – not just to say ‘we’re listening if you want to talk’, but to actively seek out young people’s input into decisions that affect them.

“Our young people are the people who will see the longest term impacts of decisions that government makes now.

“Involving young people in decisions and seeking their input is not just valuable, it’s the right thing to do.”

Ms Farmer said the Youth Engagement Charter also laid out a commitment to engaging with young people in way which are accessible.

“Like the rest of the community, our young people represent an incredibly diverse group of people, both in terms of ability and disability, languages and cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds across metro, rural, regional and remote Queensland.

“So we commit to using a range of ways to engage with young people, which take into account their different resources, needs and abilities.

“There are already many ways young Queenslanders can engage with the government, including the youth eHub online platform, statewide Queensland Youth Week activities, the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament and the Queensland Indigenous Youth Leadership Program, but there is always more we that we can do.

“This charter will underpin all engagement by the Queensland Government with young Queenslanders, outlining best practice principles to ensure government policy and programs are designed in partnership with and for young people.”

The Queensland Youth Engagement Charter is available on the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women website

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