In 2013, CREATE produced the Report Card ‘Experiencing Out-of-Home Care in Australia: The views of children and young people‘ (McDowall, 2013). This report showcased the results of the first national survey recording the views of children and young people within the care system, and provided a benchmark for performance against the National Standards for Out-of-Home Care (2011), a Priority Project under the National framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009-2020.

CREATE’s report presented the views of 1,069 children and young people aged eight to 17 years on what was working well and what could be improved for their out-of-home care experience, as measured across eight life domains.

In July 2017, CREATE will commence another national review, to determine what has improved and identify areas that might still need work in the care system. CREATE’s National Survey 2017 research offers children and young people with a care experience the opportunity to share with CREATE, their experiences living in the care system.

For this review, CREATE will:

• Seek the views of children and young people with a care experience across Australia
• Extend the age group to eight to 25 year olds to include young people who have left care. Young people aged 18-25 years old will answer questions about their experience of leaving the care system

CREATE’s National Survey 2017 will ask questions framed under the eight essential domains:

  • Accommodation
  • Health
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Identity
  • Culture
  • Relationships
  • Life Skills and Independence

There are also prize draws for participants – with $100 vouchers to be won in each state/territory and the grand prize is an iPad Mini 4!

CREATE will be providing regular updates and information on this exciting new research. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please contact CREATE on 1800 655 105, or your local CREATE office.

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