Q Shelter has developed a model Domestic and Family Violence Leave Policy for housing and homelessness organisations.

There are two version of the policy offered for consideration.

  1. Workplace Domestic and Family Violence Leave Model Policy – full version
  2. Workplace Domestic and Family Violence Leave Policy – simple version

The policies include two alternative leave provisions, mindful of the recent advice from the Department of Housing that whilst the requirement is to comply with all laws in relation to employment, "The Queensland State Government offers most of its employees 10 days of domestic and family violece leave per annum on full pay. We encourage you to provide domestic and family violence leave to show leadership in supporting employees experiencing domestic and family violence."

The minimum requirement - which from August 2018 is included in Modern Awards - is for five days of unpaid leave (for all employees ie casual, full time or part time) for those impacted by domestic and family violence.

The alternative requirement is aligned with the Queensland Industrial Relations Act 2016 (applying to government employees) – this is an entitlement to 10 days paid leave for employees, and varying entitlements to unpaid leave for casual employees.

The policies also include the right for those experiencing DFV to request flexible working arrangements.  This is in line with the Fair Work Act 2009.

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