Now in its fifth year, The Salvation Army's Economic and Social Impact Survey (ESIS) surveyed more than 1,600 clients across Australia. The report revealed “disturbing new statistics on the level of poverty in Australia”, showing that some disadvantaged Australians are living on just $17 a day.

“The key findings of this new report paint a bleak picture of what real life is like for Australians on the breadline," says The Salvation Army's Territorial Communications and Fundraising Secretary, Major Bruce Harmer. “We cannot keep putting a band-aid on disadvantage. We need serious funding to develop innovative solutions to the complex issues of entrenched poverty."

The survey results indicated that a large proportion of individuals and families who accessed Salvation Army Emergency Relief and support services struggled to make ends meet, were unable to afford basic and essential household items and experienced poverty and multiple levels of deprivation.



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