With the increasing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone should be aware that the federal and state governments are adopting a precautionary approach in preparedness and planning for potential impacts to services.

We strongly encourage you and your staff to monitor the following links and familiarise yourself with the comprehensive and up to date federal and Queensland Health resources regarding COVID-19, and the process governments are taking to contain the virus, including practical things we all can do to help minimise transmission.

The Federal Government have also made the following suite of resources available on the Department of Health website. 

We highly recommend that all service providers and community organisations should review their Contingency and Continuity Planning to ensure minimal impacts to service delivery continuity and wherever possible, contribute to the recovery of individuals, communities and services. To assist with this review and to update your Business Continuity Plan please see the resources we have available on Community Door.

QCOSS has shared its Pandemic Emergency Management Response plan along with information about its progress in implementing the plan. It is available here.

In addition, the Queensland Government has developed People with vulnerabilities in disasters: A framework for an effective local response (PDF), in collaboration with key partners, to contribute to building resilient communities. This Framework and associated resources including a Toolkit are available at this link.

We have created a COVID-19 support page for organisations on Community Door, which we will update as information is evolving.

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