The Minister for Disability Services Coralee O'Rourke recently launched Queenslanders with Disability Network's (QDN) new initiative QDeNgage, which is providing consultancy, engagement, training and speakers for Queensland businesses and organisations.
QDN recognises that by involving people with disability, businesses and organisations could design products and services that meet the needs of customers. One in five Queenslanders identify as having a disability and want to be customers and consumers of all that business, industry and the community has to offer.
QDeNgage consultants have lived experience of disability and have a diverse range of skills and experience and can help with:
  • disability inclusion health checks for businesses and organisations
  • sharing information and knowledge as guest speakers
  • consultancy services to assist with policy, service design, accessible communications etc.
  • providing disability inclusion training for staff and workplaces
  • hosting consumer and customer engagement sessions with people with disability
  • hosting co-design workshops to help plan, design or test products and services
  • designing and undertaking targeted surveys.

To find out more please visit QDN's website.

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