From 1 July 2017 onwards, new forms will be available on the Blue Card Services website. Check that you have the most current version of the application forms by looking at the ‘valid for lodgement’ date on the top right corner of the form. The new forms will state that they are valid for lodgement until 30 June 2018.

The application fee for paid employees and people operating a business has changed to $87.20. Please note that applications for volunteers and exemption card applicants do not have an application fee and will continue to be processed free of charge.

The fee for requesting a replacement blue or exemption card has changed to $13.20.

There will be a short grace period during which the previous version of the forms will be accepted. Blue Card Services is encouraging organisations to update their processes and ensure they are accessing the most current versions of the forms as soon as possible, to avoid future processing delays.

Forms can be accessed here on the Blue Card Services website. More information about the blue card system is also available on the website at

If you require further information, please telephone Blue Card Services on 1800 113 611 or 07 3211 6999 between 8am - 5pm on Monday to Thursday and between 9am - 5pm on Friday or contact Blue Card Services by email at [email protected].

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